Development of embedded web server for Ethernet based applications(ARM9 based)

The main aim of this Development of embedded web server on ARM9 Project goes to developing of Embedded web server

With the rapid development of embedded technology, more and more embedded devices (such as wireless sensor, intelligent instrument etc.,) are demanding for embedded-network connectivity for a collaborative activity. Linking embedded systems to the Internet has been an important development direction, and which is one of indispensable functions for the embedded systems in the future. Based on this point-of-view, we have chosen to run any internet application on an embedded target. Web server is one of the major application

in the internet domain. To implement a web server a robust and reliable tcp/ip stack is required. So, we have chosen embedded Linux for this project to implement web-server, since, Linux is having very robust and reliable network stack. In this project, we will be developing an embedded web-server on ARM9 using embedded Linux.

Target device:        ARM-9

Operating system: LINUX

Download Development of embedded web server for Ethernet based applications(ARM9 based) Embedded Systems Project Abstract

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