DSR Protocol Simulation

Simulation for DSR is similar to DES protocol but the routing protocol set for the mobile nodes and the server is alone changed. The steps to be followed in this protocol are as follows:

  • Choose all the mobile nodes and the server from the simulation environment
  • Select any one of the mobile node and edit it to the attributes level.

Go to the ad hoc routing protocols menu and change the routing protocol to DSR. Remember it was AODV with DES protocol. Refer the corresponding screenshot given 

From above screen it can be observed the AODV routing protocol is changed to DSR routing protocol.

Simulation of third scenario: TORA

It is same as the second scenario only the routing protocol is changed to TORA throughout the process. Watch the screenshot below carefully.

This completes the simulation of all three protocols and the next step is to run the simulations against its simulation time. All the three scenarios are run for 15 minutes to achieve the results. 

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