Internet Protocol CSE Seminar Reference Material for Computer Science Students

Introduction to Internet Protocol Seminar Topic:

The existing systems named as the Internet Protocol are the set of rules that are used to access the internet services successfully. This protocol or the set of rules are interconnected to the same networks of the personal computers where there is the connection for the internet. The current version that is under use by the users is the Internet Protocol 4 but with some of the advance features and benefits the developers launched the new version as the Internet Protocol 6. This is developed by IETF to take the place of the old version of the Internet Protocol 4.

The key features of the Internet Protocol are Larger IP Address Space where the user has the benefit to enter 128 bits of data in the Internet Protocol 6 as the old version has only 32 bits data space. This helps to communicate with each other in a large amount called as the end-to-end connection. Development of current technologies here the developers are kept on trying to develop the current version to add extra benefits to it. These developments of technologies also have more sub key features which he developers refer while updating the system.

The main objects or the Goals of the Internet Protocol 6 are Internet Protocol 6 will diffidently continue to be the technology enabling device, Focus on mobile devices, Development and testing are some of the more related objectives of the Internet Protocol 6.

The latest version of the Internet Protocol the sixth version is on great demand in the industries and in market to. Internet Protocol 6 has some extra features, large configuration speed and transmission of data is also possible here. The networks that are related to the Mobile phones also are in advantage due to this Internet Protocol 6. One day this protocol will be the back bone to balance this largely populated world. This protocol will be of great use to the new generation peoples and students.

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