ECE Seminar on Dynamic Source Routing Protocol DSR

ECE Seminar on Dynamic Source Routing Protocol DSR: Ad hoc network routing is a great problematic to ensure efficient and fast packet forwarding. This paper describes about Dynamic Source Routing Protocol DSR that includes few aspects of ad hoc networks to evaluate route as mobility and energy.

Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes to form a temporary network with the help of transmission medium radio waves. The specter for wireless transmissions is the specter present around the 2.4 and around the 5 GHz .The transmission range and the emission power ranges from 10 m for Personal Area Networks to 100-200 m for Local Area Networks which are regulated by laws in each country.

With the facility of use and deployment of MANET, it has got new applications day by day ranging in many fields like military applications, commercial application like Public and Personal Area Networks, and other under development applications are telemedicine, weather report and disaster environment.

MANET increases the size to have the threshold of thousands of nodes per system. Therefore, developed protocol for ad hoc networks must have mobility, energy and bandwidth constraints for the development of an efficient and effective routing or security protocol.

There are two nodes to ensure the delivery of a packet from sender to destination in ad hoc networks, the first one is an ordinary node and the second one is router. The dynamic topology of the network results a fast changing routes handled by the underlying routing protocol and this is problematic of ad hoc network. Other problems can be classified into the following protocols: reactive, proactive, and hybrid protocols.

ECE Seminar on Dynamic Source Routing Protocol DSR Conclusion:

Therefore there is an improved dynamic source routing protocol using a new metric to evaluate routes. The Dynamic Source Routing protocol (DSR) is a simple and efficient routing protocol used in multi-hop mobile ad hoc networks. The DSR network is completely self-organizing and self-configuring.

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