Differential Drive Robotic Rover project

The main aim of this Differential Drive Robotic Rover project is to whenever obstacle finds the robot then takes the diversion from that position. The obstacle can be founded by using sensors, here the robot consist of two motors, each and every motor control the operation of the vehicle moving forward, backward, left and right this can controlled by the  remote. IR rays are used for the detecting the vehicle, there are two main parts are working with the IR those are emitter, detector in this emitter emit the infrared rays and detector detect if any obstacle is present in that motion of moving, this type of robot mainly used in the industries. Here in this project use the microcontroller because the sensor send a signal to the microcontroller then it controls the operation, here separate sources are required for the motor and the microcontroller.

The robot consist of power supply unit, battery charger unit, IR sensor circuit, microcontroller unit, motor driver, and DC motor, power supply required for the microcontroller and motor is different, 5Volts for the microcontroller, 12volts for the motor driver circuit, design of IR sensor circuit, the microcontroller used here are AT89C51, 256kb of RAM, interrupt handling, interrupt recovery time and this robot is most reliable and cheap around 2000/-only.

Differential Drive Robotic Rover project

This project architecture works with IR Sensor circuits and these are directly connected to the micro controllers with motor driver circuits as well as power circuits and different wheels.

Download Differential Drive Robotic Rover full project document and report, Paper presentation, seminar topic.

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