Differential Drive Robotic Rover ECE Seminar Topic

The goal of this Differential Drive Robotic Rover ECE Seminar Topic ECE Seminar Topic is to design “DIFFERENTIAL DRIVE ROBOTIC ROVER.” This project is about how the robot senses the obstacles and automatically changes its position. Robot has two motors that control the pair wheels and help to move left, right, backward, forward, and follow its path. With the help of obstacle sensor, it can sense the object. IR pair detects the obstacle. The two main parts that helps in working of IR are the emitter and the detector. The emitter is an LED which emits near-infrared light.

This project describes about how robot moves according to path when it senses an obstacle and changes its direction. The basics of this project are to have an idea about IC L293D DC motor control, to understand the working and construction of the Obstacle Avoidance Car, to have an idea about Microcontroller, Knowledge in selection of components according to the function and requirements, to have idea in Mechatronics System Design, Exposure on rectification of the system, and Troubleshooting.

This project mainly targets on to construct an Obstacle avoidance car with the help of Motor controller IC. The obstacle senor helps the robot to avoid clash from any external devices or any obstacle. The transmitter produces the IR rays and is received by the receiver section.

Microcontroller Unit is the heart of the circuit because it controls all the operations of a circuit to obtain the accurate result. In this project, we are using AT89C51 controller. The microcontrollers have 40 pins and 4 ports and each port has 8 pins. The controller generally works on the transistor logic. Obstacle sensing robot is used in the toys and army application.

 Differential Drive Robotic Rover ECE Seminar Topic Conclusion:

This project is proved practically with the help of IR pairs to sense the robot. L293D for the driving the dc motor, dc motor is used to test the movement of the robot by using microcontroller.

Download Differential Drive Robotic Rover ECE Seminar Topic.

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