Robotic Project On Obstracle Detection

Final year students who are interested in developing robotics project,Robotic Project On Obstracle Detection Project can be a good option. The main idea for implementing this robotic project is to handle certain situations where humans cannot reach there but robots can work for us,if there is a situation where robot cannot be operated by human being in the  cases like obstacle detection in that case this project will provide solution for this project. This application is useful in demanding situation in our daily life so developing this application will give lot of scope for a engineer. ROBOTIC-PROJECT-ON-OBSTRACLE-DETECTION.

 Obstacle detection and avoidance robots are nothing but self thinking robots which can take decisions itself using programmed brain without any guidance from human beings. 

  In robotics obstacle sensing is the method of satisfying few features like not-intersection or non-collision with objects in front of them. There are two types of robots in one type robots perform action as we give signals remotely where as second type of robots are self thinking robots which can detect obstacle and move forward. This project is of second robots. 

 In this robots Infra red pairs are used for sensing the obstacles and IR leads are used for transmitting and receiving infra red rays. Using infrared rays robots will find out the obstacles present in front of them and move right or left from their current position and move forward. 

 Robotics Obstacle Detection Project Features.

Modulated IR transmitter

Ambient light protected IR receiver

3 pin easy interface connectors

Bus powered module

Indicator LED

Up to 12 inch range for white object

Can differentiate between dark and light colors.


Proximity Sensor

Obstacle Detector Sensor

Line Follower Sensor

Wall Follower Sensor

For more information on this project you can download project report from this site for free of cost.

Download Project report  of Robotics Obstacle Detection Project.

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