ECE Project on Eye On Cellphone Operated Land Rover

This project “ECE Project on Eye On Cellphone Operated Land Rover” makes use of a robot which is controlled by a mobile which makes a call to the handset fixed to the robot. Eye here refers to wireless camera and Land rover refers to a vehicle. The major advantages of carrying out this project are that makes use of DTMF signals which cannot be replicated by speech or music signals.

ece-project-on-eye-on-cellphone-operated-land-roverThus this project can be mainly implemented to avoid interference from other sources. Also DTMF tones are devoid of harmonic frequencies.

In this project Eye on a cell-phone operated land rover, the robot used is controlled by a mobile that dials a call to the handset affixed at the robot. During the duration of the call, if any key is presses, a tone is perceived by the robot known as the DTMF tone. This tone is processed by the microcontroller with the aid of a decoder which is programmed in advance to deliver outputs according to the given inputs.

The presence of a mobile makes the robot remote-controlled and eliminates the need of a transmitter and receiver. DTMF allocates a particular frequency to every button that makes it easily identifiable by the electronic circuit. The DTMF tone generates a signal which is proportional to a direct algebraic sum of the amplitude of sine waves.


In this project, analysis of a mobile handset as a remote control device is also established. Thus by making use of DTMF tones, movement of vehicle land rover is coordinated and surveillance in the camera range through a robot is actualized. This project can be further modified by changing the design of the robot. Best examples for this project to be implemented are in security systems, detection of bombs and mines, and also as remote exploration robot.

Download ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document on Eye On Cellphone Operated Land Rover.

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