Robotic System with Super Intelligence Micro Controller Project Report


The aim of this project is design a robot with super intelligence system and can also obstacles in its way and also fire. It is developed to detect fires and bombs for security purpose.

The robot has best flexibility and it controlled with wires fitted with motors to control motion a micro controller is embedded to control all robot operations.

The robot contains a fire sensor whenever the fire is detected the sensor detects and it alarms.

It has a sensor for detecting bombs whenever the landmine or bomb was detecting it tells by alarming. The whole robot works on 12v DC battery.

Tools Used for creating Robot:

  • Embedded c  Language
  • Small Device Cross Compiler &Kiel uvision3
  • 8051 Microcontroller


  • It is Low cost and easy to operate
  • It consumes Low power
  • It is fully automated

Fire alarm structure:

file alaram structure

For the detection of fire reverse biased germanium diode was used here. The resistance of diode is 10 Kilo ohms. The reverse resistance of germanium diode drops at 70 degree the resistance dropped to 1 kilo ohm and the alarm is activated through  555 ic pin 4 becomes positive through the resistor R1.

Circuit diagram:

circuit diagram

Binary Code for Motor movement:

binary code

Kiel software for robot:

Kiel software for robot

Circuit features:

The features are it contains a +5V output current with well regulation of 100ma.

The circuit protection has capability of protecting the IC when it’s gets overheated.

The circuit complexity is to build. Power supply is Unregulated DC 8-18V power supply.

Download  Robotic System with Super Intelligence Micro Controller Project Report.

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