Company Operational Strategies – Questioner to Area managers

Questioner to Area managers

1. What are your recent distribution strategies implemented across your area?

2. Do you set any targets to your employees in terms of distribution and sales?

3. How do you communicate the distribution strategies to your employees?

4. How do you observe that the strategies are well communicated to the employees?

5. Do you involve your employees in a typical strategy development process?

6. What level of interest is shown by the employees if they are involved in strategy development process?

7. Do you think involving the employees across the strategy development process really enhance their job performance and satisfaction?

8. How do measure the level of understanding of the employees towards the distribution strategies?

9. Do you conduct any review meetings with the employees towards the strategy implementation?

10. Do you think communicating the strategies to the employees really improve their performance and job satisfaction?

11. Have you observed any improvement of the employee performance after introducing and implementation of a distribution strategy?

12. How do you measure the performance of the employees against the strategy implementation?

13. Do your employees come up with any issues regarding their job satisfaction if they are not really aware of the strategies?

14. What steps you generally take to make sure all of your employees aware of the recent strategies developed?

15. What future steps can be taken to make this process more effective?

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