Brain Fingerprinting Technology PPT Slides

Introduction to Brain Fingerprinting Technology Presentation:

The current technique the brain fingerprinting is the most successful and the interesting technique which takes the measurements of the stimuli that is related to the family reorganization. This device works which measures the wavelength of the brain of the person by n electrical band tied to the forehead of that person. There are also some pictures and the images that are displayed and are displayed on the screen of the computer. This system is mainly used to do the investigation of the crimes that are happening here. This technology is mainly used in the country like the United States of America.

This device works when the brain of the person generates the wavelength of the memory that is stored in the mind; this is only done when a person creates the familiar stimulus. This system used the magnetic fundamental resonances which has the lie detection that is inbuilt situated in the system.

If the person lie the sensor detects it and it a typical siren is blown to give the warning to the master person. Their brain also shown some of the activities which is in their records which completely true. It is used to detect whether the person identifies the detailed information by keeping the measurement of the person’s wave length signals and also with the total words and the phrases.

The applications of the system are Counter terrorism, the Criminal Justice and also the multiple various supported applications and device too. The main advantage of the system is completely changed from the graphical tests, and it also has the need of various responses. The limitation of the system is this technology that can be used and executed to only at one place only and the user has the detailed information of the activities and the events that are generated here.

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