Advantages of Ecotourism

Ecotourism also helps residents in various ways. On them the important factors are

1. Conservation

2. Economic benefits

3. Cultural advantages.

4. Awareness

5. Protection


The Ecotourism provide worldwide awareness to the ecotourism areas.The funds collected from the ecotourists will be used to conserve the forest, parks and also used to improve those areas. The money will be collected from ecotourists by taking entry fees to the parks etc.This fund will be used to improve the areas.

Economic benefits:

Ecotourism destination regions are often underdeveloped areas. They are unaware of global development. So Ecotourism make those to aware of all these things. Government will build various hotels for the ecotourism accomadation.So it indirectly help the locals. That also trains the locals in hospitality and also on marketing. In this way Ecotourism help in economic development of locals.

Cultural advantages:

Ecotourism also gain cultural advantages to the locals. By coming here ecotourists will know about their culture and ethical values.Ecotourist collect the information about the culture and pass it to the outside world. In this way their culture will get the global recognition throughout the world.


The main use of the Ecotourism is Awareness. Mostly the ecotourism’s destination regions are very underdeveloped countries. They don’t even know about the global world and its development. They don’t know anything about the outside world. So for this type of areas, Ecotourism helps to aware about the outside world and their culture. Ecotourism provide recognition all over the world to the ecotourism destination regions. Even locals will improve themselves with the help of ecotourists. By seeing ecotourists  locals will also develop in different sectors example in education, vegetation etc.


Ecotourism help to protect the wild life.Ecotourist made a strategy programs to aware the people about the importance of flora and fauna.Th fund which was collected from ecotourists is used for to protect the wild life and also to protect the locals.

In this way ecotourism will help the locals in various factors. It helps locals to improve in various fields that are in education, agriculture, transportation, shelter etc. Ecotourism proves good in these aspects. It will help the locals to develop themselves.

Inequalities in elements rise between ecotourists and locals.

But here ecotourism’s life style and residents lifestyle is totally different. So because of this it leads to so many inequalities between them. Those elements are:


Because most of the ecotouristss are from developed countries, so their transportation is sophisticated and convenient but the ecotourism destinations regions are underdeveloped so here transportation facilities are very poor. So this makes ecotourists so much of troubles.


Here the ecotourists are from different region their level of education is different and the locals are from small region they don’t have school and they will be unaware of this. Most of the people are from this area are illiterate. It makes a lot of difference between local and ecotourists.

Life expectancy:

There is lot of differentiation in life expectancy of ecotourists and residents. Because the people who reside in the ecotourism destination areas doesn’t have any hospitals and good doctors. The people who reside there were unaware of the problems which leads to health’s problems. They don’t have hospitals and medical shops. There most of the areas use to take medicine from herbs, the way of curing the diseases is different. So life expectancy will be different for ecotourists and residents. So in this way they are differing in their life expectancy.

Culture and values:

There will be lot of variation in resident’s and ecotourists culture. Here the ecotourists are from different regions so their cultures are also different. Example South African culture and American tourist are totally different, so cultures are different for different ecotourists and in the same way the culture of locals is different. So here founds inequality in ecotourists and locals.

So in this way different inequalities will be raise among themselves because of culture, education, life expectancy, transportation, education etc.

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