Ador Traders Electrical Engineer & Contractors Project Report

The main purpose and goal of this project is to design the system that performs the entire activities such as agreement details, FDR details, I/C tender details, employee information, payment updations, billings and taxes of Ador Traders Company. This software will mainly update the information on FDR submitted from the banks along with the tender’s information. In order to know the agreement details, employees of Ador Traders can use this software by entering the agreement no’s in computer. Before the existence of this system, employees of this company are performing all these tasks manually and all these are performed in paper work wasting money and time of the company.

In order to support this company, we are implementing this software through which each and every activity can be updated and stored in the computer regularly. The main special features of this system are employees can enter FDR details along with I/C tender details, employee data, agreements information as well as the entire account transactions. This project is a two way beneficial process through which the administrators as well as the employees of Ador Traders will be benefited. The administrators will be capable of maintaining the entire updates and records related to their company using their administrator details such as administrative user id and password. As specified earlier employees can use this system for different manual activities performed by them and they can do it by using computer. 

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements of this system needs Pentium (III) CPU 2.66 GHz with 128 MB RAM or Higher and 20 GB Hard Disk or Higher as well as LCD 17” Color Monitor along with Keyboard and Optical Mouse and finally the Printer.

Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system need Visual Basic 6.0 along with Oracle 9i as backend and Windows Vista, XP or 2003 as the operating system.

Download Ador Traders Electrical Engineer & Contractors Project Report.

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