A Smart Reorganization Of Vehicle Based E-Governance System In Mobile Device Project Report

Introduction to A Smart Reorganization Of Vehicle Based E-Governance System In Mobile Device Project:

Now a day the traffic plays a very important role in our day-to-day life activities. It is the most problem for job holders, business mans, students, etc (the people), Not only in city but also at highway passageways. Now some business persons have provided the toll gate systems at highways. Basically the purpose of tollgates is to recollect the amount from the vehicles, which have been coming from out of city or town. It was provided by the person, who has taken the road contract of that area. Only they will collect the toll payment. In this process if many vehicles are come, they should follow queue and traffic is heavy in that place. So it will take time to reach their destinations. To overcome these types of problems, a new Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) was introduced. It is the technology for electronic payment of toll. It checks whether the vehicle has registered or not and give the alerts. If any violence occurs, debit the related account. So there is no chance to stop the vehicle at the tollgate. This kind of technology was implemented in united -states and other countries. So we enriched the toll collection technology. Now the fast technology in ETC with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is started.

                              RFID is released up to 950MHZ, the main advantage of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is by using computer technology, electronic technology, and modern communication technology develop the ECT with RFID and vehicle safety. By using this we can avoid the traffic jam problems, can create safety road environment. Etc. The main aim of this project is to design a automatic tollgate system as well as online transaction with vehicle security through mobile by SMS.

                              The software requirements are Windows XP OS, Java framework, MySQL DB and hardware requirements are RFID, GSM, GPS, PC, RS232, Camera, and Microcontroller.

                               Global system for mobiles has been working in global position system. Camera is located at the vehicle position, so it will take the photos of a vehicle and RFID generate the magnetic radiations and frequency on the number plate of the vehicle. If the vehicle has registered already then no problem if not alert SMS has been sending to the owner of the mobile.

For data transfer RS232 cable is used and controller is used is for the controlling of those sections purpose. SNMP is one of the protocols, which is suitable for network management of ETC system because it’s easy use and strong expandability. By using this we can develop the highway efficiency, speedup the vehicle passage and decrease the possibility of unsuccessful and mistaken collection. 

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