A Project Report On Computerization and Automation of School Information System

This School Information System project report is completely built for automating of manual & complex task by reducing boring paper work, reducing redundancies in the system with high degree of correctness and robustness for school education department of ‘Mantralaya’ where entire administrative work related to ministry is handled at state level. This system can be benefited as quick retrieval of important information; storing and retrieving securing data by user authentication mechanism such as password protected and also be useful in decision making at right time for decision makers. This School Information System Project Report on Computerization and Automation work was completed with Power Builder 5.0 Developer 2000 as front end and oracle 7.3 as backend tool at development-end. During implementation of this system Window NT operating system for server side machine and any window operating system above window 95 for client side machine.  The approach or model used in the system development is ‘waterfall model’ where second phase doesn’t start until first end. The system passed by several phases of system development life cycle. They are described below:

System engineering and analysis phase purely focuses on current existing system and proposed automated system for identification of the system goal and study about technical, political and economical feasibility with expected schedule to be completed the project.

System design phase represents the architectural and procedural designing by means of various structural designs such as E-R diagram. This phase focuses on modular program structure approaches and represents the control relationship between them. During procedural design there is an importance of constraints and triggers to be maintained during coding phases.

Coding implies about the written line of code for project by the developer to achieve the predefined goal specified in analysis phase of system development life cycle. This is the phase where human under stable requirement is converted into machine readable format.

Testing of the whole project against the goal is checked in this phase by means of various testing method like black-box or white box testing. The testing is done at all unit and modules level also to check whether they separately work as required and check their interdependencies also.

Implementation and run-time report review consist of implementing or setting up the whole proposed automated system at client end to meet their requirement and finally review the report after implementation of the system at client end.

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