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Human Resource Information System Oracle Project ” is an information system to provide effective control of safety functions and employees’ compensation and leave records. Download-Human-Resource-Information-Oracle-Project-Report

This system is meant to be installed at Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP). The development of the system is done at the R&D (RDCIS), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Ranchi, and Jharkhand, India. 

 This system is an extension to a “Human Resource Information System (HRIS)” developed by RDCIS, SAIL for Durgapur Steel Plant. The system, basically, deals with areas not considered in HRIS, such as employees; safety related functions, leave record and management of gate pass and statutory requirements of Contract Labour Cell (CLC). 

Human Resource Information System:  

Basically, it is a user-friendly Human Resource Information System (HRIS).  It allows the organization to take advantage of enterprise class HR functionality without the overwhelming expense traditionally incurred.  It manages the employee information, so provides an aid to the manager to manage the employees efficiently. 

This particular package is meant to revolutionize the way to manage the human resource demands.

The time required to search the information will be available for planning and head off potential problems. The value for a benefit that will be received is outstanding and will help the employees of the organization to a great extent. Major areas considered by the system can be characterized as-Safety Functions, Employees’ Leave Record Function, Contract Labour Cell (CLC). 

The system interacts with different departments they are:

  • Safety Department
  • Personnel Department
  • Finance Department. 

The involvement of these department demands proper coordination between them.  For proper and efficient functioning, the system interacts with these three departments. 


The objective of the information system is to provide an efficient handling of manpower resource and keeping track of the accident related information.  

The system also helps in keeping the employees’ leave record up to date.  The assistance provided by the system can be of effective and efficient utilization of the existing manpower, Maintenance of accident detail, analysis and redressal activity, HRIS is implemented of Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP). 


HRIS which stands for Human Resource Information System is a record system. It is the central repository for personnel and payroll data. HRIS supplies information and statistics on all employees.

The data provided is used to determine how human resources are being managed. Integrated HR Information Systems (HRIS) have a profound effect on firms that implement them. Most often these firms are replacing several related systems, such as a personnel database, payroll system, and benefits system, with one single HRIS that does it all.

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  2. Sir/Madam
    Kindly send me the complete project with complete source code
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