Industrial Automation Project Report

Introduction to Industrial Automation Project:


The proposed design is to provide industrial or home automation is useful for monitoring the devices from any distance. A micro controller is used which monitors are the components according to the given message, with the sensed information sent from the sensors. This paper discusses the working of temperature a heat controlling devices. As the automation is microcontroller based it automatically regulates the temperature changes.

Circuit design and working:

The circuit unit consists of temperature sensors which are connected to microcontroller unit which measures the radiations emitted from hot broilers. A signal conditioning circuit is used for energizing the signal coming from the sensors. A feedback circuit is provided in order to reduce the isolation between the ac line and output. The microcontroller based design are very advantageous in protecting the circuit from leakage currents and high voltages and power losses. We can design the automation circuit by using op-amps or IC voltage regulator but they don’t give quick responses and not that efficient as a microcontroller based design. The keil software is very advantageous in programming flash memories. It provides an interface for connecting target via serial line.

Applications and future scope:

Applications and future scope these type of automation system can used in homes, industries etc. By using this automation design, we can reduce the usage of man power, and the damage of devices can also be reduces.  By using transmission units we can control the equipment from long distances. Thus we can conclude that this kind of devices is very useful for regulating the temperature changes in the equipment.

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  1. Please send me be final year engineering report on Pockland or Pocklane Automation or road side machines Automation using AT89S52 and Gsm

  2. I need a project on Industrial Automation contains Plc(delta, Siemens, Mitsubishi,fanuc,),scada,HMI,servo drive, hydraulics,CNC maintenance.

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