36 MSc Dissertation Ideas

The below 36 MSc Dissertation topics for final year MSc students.

  1.  Real Time Simulation of the Human Auditory System
  2. IMS Learning Design interoperability
  3. Automatic Individualization of a Learning Design
  4. On The Role of Affective Computing In Future Human Centric System Design
  5. High Performance Computing On Graphics Cards
  6. Fun with Funges
  7. Application of SVM for Extracting Text from Images: A Case Study
  8. Prototyping Advance User Interfaces for Health
  9. Identification of Open Source GIS Data Sources and Tools for Geographically Based Narrative Visualization
  10. Porting Time Maps Into A 3d Environment
  11. Extending the Natural Language Processing Interface of Time Maps
  12. Extending the Time Map Database to Include Multimedia Items
  13. Geneological Migration Modeled With Time Maps
  14. Adding Layers of Information to Time Map Visualization
  15. Visualizing Time Map Objects Using Augment Reality
  16. Visualizing Time Maps Objects Using Mobile Augment Reality
  17. Integrating Time Maps with Virtual Reality
  18. Time Map User Interaction In A 3d Environment
  19. Cloud Computing
  20. Mobile Or Embedded Systems
  21. Parallel Implementations and Architectures of Gas
  22. Quantum Computing
  23. Petri Nets and Novels Applications
  24. Fractal Genomics Modeling: A Theoretical Consideration and Analysis
  25. Applications of Pretti Nets in Web Services: A Case Study
  26. The Security Challenge for Webservice
  27. Speech Processing Strategy For Group Speech and Voice recognition 
  28. The Artificial Glial Cell
  29. An Investigation of Collaborative Systems for E-Health
  30. Dynamic Router Configuration protocol
  31. Automatic Router healing
  32. Mobile adhoc network and its security issue
  33. Working in QoS of networks i.e how protocols should effectively implemented in network environment
  34. DiffServ over MPLS and GMPLS 
  35. DiffServ aware MPLS TE (Traffic Engineering) 
  36. QoS Routing in MPLS / GMPLS

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