Top 10 MBA Dissertation Ideas & Titles

These are the top 10 MBA Dissertation Ideas

  1. Need of training and development for Top management employees: A case of Levelsoft Software Organization,London.
  2. Importance of perfect Job design and flexibility for Entry Level Employees : A case of Atlantic Electronics Ltd,London
  3. Impact of duplicates on branded companies: A case of Pepe Jeans London
  4. Importance of Fingerprint matching based authentication for Debit or Credit card purchases: Opinion of London customers and stores
  5. How to provide better working conditions for BPO employees: A case of Nipuna call center, India.
  6. Influence of branding on consumer purchasing behavior
  7. Impact of online shopping on retail stores: A case of Online book purchases
  8. Training and development requirements for serving staff in customers perspective: A case of Two Floors Restaurant and Pub
  9. Online advertisements: Useful or Irritating? Opinion ofLondonstudents
  10. Indian calling cards inUK: Features and benefits from the Indian students perspective.
  11. Impact of transaction limits for Money Transfer Services: A case of Western union users inLondon.

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