Dissertation Project Proposal Sample

Dear Student, 

You have improved on the state of the dissertation although you did not do all the amendments. I will be happy if this project obtains a good pass. I will therefore recommend that you do the following amendments carefully and forward the report to me for a final check. 

– Indicate by writing “Chapter 1” on the top of page 3, i.e. just before the “Introduction”.

– Indicate the source of the diagrams and tables, e.g. the one on page 6.

– On page 9, change “&” to “and”. It is highlighted in red. There should be no abbreviations in the dissertation. Correct such errors on other pages in the report.

– In chapter 1, where are your objectives, research questions, timeframe, and limitations? Link the research questions to your methodology.

– Chapter 2: Literature Review (page 9) should start on a new page. All chapters must start on a new page. Indicate the chapter number.

– There should be no headings or sub-headings at the very bottom edge of the page, e.g. as on page 19, section 2.11. Send it to the next page so that it will be at the start of the page.

– Complete the last sentence of the 1st paragraph on page11, just before section 2.4 (Carnage as slump hits luxury firms).

– On page 27 write “Chapter 3: Methodology” at the top of the page. As I have already said, always write the chapter out and the number followed by the title of that chapter. This makes it clear for the reader to keep in pace with your logical structure and presentation.

– The paragraph starting at the bottom of page 44 and continuing on page 45 is too long. Break it up into 3 or 4 paragraphs. It is highlighted in red. Change it into black after correcting it.

– The first sentence of the 3rd paragraph on page 51 is not clear. Please restructure it to make sense. It is highlighted in red.

– Sentences must end with a full stop. Most of your sentences are open ended. I have put some full stops to a few but not all. Make sure you do that for the rest.

– Change the title “References” to “Bibliography” on page 56.

– You must use this attached copy to make the amendments.

– Then read through your work line by line, page by page, and chapter by chapter to make sure that all errors are corrected before you send it to me for a final check. 


Project Dissertation Admin

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