Zigbee Technology CSE Seminar Topic-Idea-Abstract

Zigbee Technology CSE Seminar Topic-Idea-Abstract is specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios. The technology is intended to be simpler and cheaper than Blue tooth. ZigBee is the newest specifications which have low data rates, consume very and low power.

 With ZigBee technology, interoperability will be enabled in multi-purpose, self-organizing mesh networks. ZigBee is standard for embedded application software. The bandwidth of Blue tooth is 1 Mbps and ZigBee has one-fourth of this value. ZigBee has low costs and long battery life. ZigBee is meant to cater to the sensors and remote controls market and other battery operated products.

 ZigBee is designed for sensors and remote controls that are many in number. It needs small data packets and extremely low power consumption for long life. There are three different types of ZigBee device. They are ZigBee coordinator (ZC), ZigBee Router (ZR), and ZigBee End Device (ZED).

 The ZigBee Standard has three sets of solutions, called ‘layers’. These layers facilitate the features such as low cost, easy implementation, reliable data transfer, short-range operations, very low power consumption and adequate security features. The three layers are Network and Application Support layer, Physical (PHY) layer, and Media access control (MAC) layer.

The different topologies are star, peer-to-peer, and mesh. There are four frame structures. They are Beacon frame for transmission of beacons, Data frame for all data transfers, Acknowledgment frame for successful frame receipt confirmations, and MAC command frame. Zigbee offers four inherent, beneficial characteristics. They are Low cost, Range and obstruction issue avoidance, Multi source products, and Low power consumption.

Zigbee Technology Conclusion:

ZigBee is one of the global standards of communication protocol which is formulated by the relevant task force. It is the newest and provides specifications for devices which have low data rates, consume very low power thus, characterized by long battery life.

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