ASP.Net Project on E-Examination.

 ASP.Net project on E-Examination project is for final year computer science B.Tech students who are looking to develop online website related project which is based on a real time issue. This projects main idea to overcome present procedure implemented in every college which is performed  through manual process..Net-Project-on-E-Examination

Existing system

In present situation procedure implemented for conduction examination is done through manual process. This procedure includes many problems. In order to solve these problems new systems in introduced Student. Existing system contains work like filling forms manually, mark sheets submissions, Time delay for results. In order to solve this problems new system is introduced.                                                                       

Proposed system

All the problems mentioned above can be solved through this E-Examination system which will provide features like filling of forms through online, attempting exams through online and results are displayed in few minutes. In this process records are stored in data base which can reduce lot of work for every department.

Objectives of the ASP.Net Project on E-Examination system   

The main idea of this project is to efficiently calculate the student examination procedure through automated online system. Which will save lot of time and provides fast result facility? It is one time implementation project which can be implemented with very less  cost.

ASP.Net project on E-Examination project is developed in different modules among them admin module is provided for professors who will prepare test paper for examination which is maintained securely. Then in student module students should log in using their hall ticket and password then they can attempt for the examination which is entirely automated. This application will display random questions which will differ from each student. Using this procedure invigilator risk will be reduced.

 There are four types of the modules in ASP.Net Project on E-Examination.

1:  Student Module
2:  Course Module
3:  Exam Module
4:  Administrator module

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