Work Process Management Project Report

Introduction to Work Process Management Project:

Every project needs different kind of stages or phases. To check the status of the project need the one solution. The project deal with form top-level management to lower level management and gives the full details of the projects. This tool shows the status of projects updating.

The existing system is more risk to take the process and very hard for day to day updating. The reports is taking the places of excel sheets and updates are done manual. Data should be very confusion format and it takes lot of time to update.

The present proposed system take less time to updating the data, the report generation is very quick and maintain very safe. The distribute of document s to client very easy, user can view the particulars whatever they wants.  

This tool contains the four types of module. Those are Login, Project Manager, project leader and group leader.

To login this tool, each user need login id and password .After logon this tool Project Manager gives the permission to do the new project or not. If not he/she can add/delete/modifying the pervious project which they are presently working and   the Project Leader gives the permission for total documents whether it is change or adds or delete thing.

The group lead is the taking the responded for the status of the completion or incompletion of documents.

The project Manger screen contains the all the details of the projects. Project name, name of the group leader and his number also start date of the project and end of the project date.PM has permission to details of project now or old one and delete/update.

PL permissions only for the documents views and check the status of the project.GL screen contain the status of  the document details.

Download  Work Process Management Project Report .

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  1. thanks for the report but some of the files are missing from the report, I cannot find future scope, conclusion and annexure file ..please email me these files as I am working on this project.

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