Activity Management System Project Report

Nowadays, internet is playing important role in every sector of the world that has dramatically changed the entire prospects of the world. Internet can be considered as one of the successful technological inventions which is associated with important information’s prior to the development of networking as well as information sharing processes. This project is entitled with a title called Activity Management System designed for the purpose of prudential banks. This application is aimed to support the persons who are dealing with the persons opting for premiums offered in their prudential banks. The main beneficiaries of this system are the prudential agents who make the customers to buy their premiums. This system is an automotive system that is capable of updating the entire agent reports that includes different types of sales activities including client premium details. The entire progress of the client’s premium will be updated automatically within this system. 

Hardware Requirements 

The hardware requirements of this application are the Pentium III 800MHz processor with an 128MB RAM with 20GB hard disk along with 1.22MB with 3.5 floppy disk including the display with 600×800 pixel resolution along with mouse as well as key board.

Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system needs a Windows 2k family as operating system along with HTML, Java Script with J2EE, servelets, JSP, JDBC as well as Java Bean as front end tools including Apache Tomcat 5.0 as web server and finally SQL server as backend tool.

Download Activity Management System Project Report.

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