Digital Rights Management Project Report

Introduction to Digital Rights Management Project:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of digital rights management. As usage of internet are increasing are day to day, Though internet provides many benefits there are some of the risks for content providers . Pirating the content has become more. This lead to development of digital rights management. Digital Rights Management Systems provides the content providers to protect and exploit their digital content . By using this system, we can fight from being pirated.   

Brief into Digital Rights Management:

In general ,DRM is defined as technology to protect digital contents from being illegally copied . It allows only authorized users to access the contents. This is very useful for businesses because  they can secure their content. There are two generations of Digital Rights Management . In first generation, Digital Rights Management has mainly focused on security and encryption. The distribution was limited and was permitted to distribute for those who pays.

In second generation, Digital rights management focuses on the description, identification, trading, protection, monitoring and tracking of all forms in term of rights Mississauga  The Digital Rights Management chain is as follows , first the content to be published is secured and then it is distributed by certain licensing features and at last it allows the subscriber to play the protected content if  they are licensed to use. 


This Digital rights management finds use in music, print and movie distribution areas to identify the misuse of their data done by the other persons. This is the efficient encryption algorithm for reducing the misuse of data. 

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