College Management System Project Report

Introduction to College Management System Project:

This is a web-related application that permits us to approach the entire knowledge regarding the college, employees, students, faculties etc. This application is also called as institute management system. It offers an actual trip of the college campus. Here we would gain the recent knowledge regarding the students and employees.

This general application planned for aiding the students of an organization about details on the courses, subjects, classes, assignments, grades and time-table. It also allows the faculty to know his time-table, upload assignments and issue circulars to the pupil.

The administrator would maintain the accounts of the pupil and staff, prepares the time-table and upload the current information regarding the campus.

The main problem projected is that pupil’s particulars are reported manually in distinct records, which is a laborious job. Handling and updating these records manually increase the chances of mistakes.

It takes a lot of time and needs many employees to accomplish the task. It even lacks security and disability to produce various types of reports.

In order to solve these problems, a new system has been created, that attempts to operate the whole procedure considering the database integration approach.

  • Several controls help the application to be friendly to the users.
  • The entire project maintenance is made simpler and more adaptable.
  • Internet access is possible.
  • Several tiers have been employed to offer file upload and mail characteristics.
  • During the process of project progression, there is no chance of data mishandling.
  • It offers great degree of security employing various protocols. 

Hardware Requirements:

A Disc Space of 40 GB, an IBM Compatible PC, a Pentium 3 processor, a RAM of 512 MB AND A 32 Bit File system are needed.

Software Requirements:

An Windows XP at server and client side, Client End Language-HTML, Local Validation-PHP, Server Side Language-PHP, My Sql 2000 Database, a XAMPP Web Server and an Internet Explorer 8/ Mozilla Firefox are required.

Download College Management System Project Report .

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  1. Can you please send me the details for making this project. I want to know the exact sequence of making this project. The steps,software etc and how to make it.

  2. Sir,I need the detailed coding and proper sequence of making this project. The proper steps and method of making this project.

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