Women at all stages of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers in U.S

Different types of explanations are given by the researchers for some of women at all stages of Science, Technology, and Engineering and Math careers in U.S are: 

  • For the girls climate in the class room and for the woman students and for the faculty in the universities as been naturally explained as “chilly”.  When compared to the men, girls and women are treated differently in both delicate and understandable ways. For example teachers use to pay more attention to words boys when the class room discussion is conducting.
  • The other factor is a dearth of role models to under representation of woman in science. Mainly faculty is the role model of the women for their balancing career and family, and if extremely when career demands are seen,  used to leave their departments in huge than in men.
  • In the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields there are lack of women students because of poor preparation and less encouragement is given to the women students in schools. In the science and engineering students,  the women of undergraduate who are entering in this field also showing drop in the self-confidence in the starting stage itself i.e. in the first year itself though they are highly qualified and skilled. The first reasons for the women student for leaving this field is not showing interest in this field, and that to making them discouraged by some source like difficulties in academics, and because of the poor teaching. During their high school days also girls are les prepared in math sans science than boys in this ways in the growth they used to show less interest in these fields.
  • Women scientist will have some dissatisfaction due to this lack of “critical mass” of women. The theory of the critical mass will explain us clearly that for the increase of the women in this field so as to enter the women in to the significant social networks and resources.
  • Partiality and discrimination in appointing and development of women will lead to slow development in the women not only in the science but also particularly in the academic science.. People create beliefs which are normative and classify about the gender that are going to affect the way that they recognize the attributes and the behavior of the men and the women. For example can observe that women scientist are very less when compared to their male peers. In the MIT report had proved that women faculty is going to increase gradually marginalized as they are developed in that institution, in spite of they are almost equally qualified to their male colleagues only because of response of outside jobs they are lagged. 

Across the employment sectors, low status and salary differences continue to afflict woman. 

  • In two-year institutions and medical schools the woman are more concentrated.
  • The women engineers and scientists are more liable to work unwillingly or part-time outside their fields.
  • College educated woman can earn 76% of what the college educated men earn one year after graduation.
  • Since in engineering the woman earn 21% of both MS and BS degrees and in computer science earn 31% of both MS and BS degrees respectively, these salary differences in the earnings of woman contain lifelong allegations.   

For woman the issues about work-life balance are considered to be important. 

  • On numerous measures of their career success, woman in academic STEM positions delay at the back of their male counterpart.
  • When compared to the woman with early children, the academic woman in the careers who postpone children until short are more likely to achieve permanent status. 

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