Firewalls Computer Science & Information Technology Seminar

Description: The research paper Firewalls Computer Science & Information Technology Seminar talks about Firewalls. The research paper suggests that with the increase in sharing of information, data on computers even within the company, in a networked environment and the extension of network to all the branches of the company, security concerns are equally gaining lots of prominence and importance. Network security is aimed at when the user has to go through different layers of security before reaching the desired network. This will safeguard the company’s interest and certainly aid in company’s growth.

A network is a connected group of systems transacting over a similar purpose and goal. The network has a server which provides information and different authenticated nodes that get transmission via server. Businesses, government agencies, any corporate that operates on many businesses are networked and need severe security. A security lapse might cast doom over company’s progress.

 Types of Attacks in a Security System:

  • Interruption: In an attack where one or more of the systems of the organization become unusable due to attacks by unauthorized users.
  • Interception: An unauthorized individual intercepts the message content and changes it or uses it for malicious purposes. After this type of attack, the message does not remain confidential.
  • Modification: The content of the message is modified by a third party. This attack affects the integrity of the message.

Firewall: Firewall is a group of security components that together form a barrier between two networks. A firewall can be purchased as software and can be installed in your computer. The firewall then conducts a kind of investigation and will not allow ‘unidentified’ data enter into the system. One has to conduct a real experiment before installing firewall because the implied meaning could be so different from the actual one.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes that firewall provides adequate security measures in a wired environment. It blocks viruses and bugs, unauthorized interactive logins, unwanted movies, literature and pornography.

Download Firewalls Computer Science & Information Technology Seminar Paper Presentation.

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