Applications of Robotics in Medicine Computer Science Engineering Seminar

This research abstract Applications of Robotics in Medicine Computer Science Engineering Seminar talks about the multiple application benefits Robotics has to offer in the field of medicine. A survey conducted on Applications of Robotics in Medicine addresses sets of known achievements, singling out noteworthy autonomous in body devices, either co-robotic surgical aids, in view of recognizing shared benefits or hindrances, to explore how to conceive effective tools, tailored to answer given demands, while remaining within established technologies.

Applications in Medicine: The role of robots is a highly varied one. Robots in the field of medicine are used right from scrubbing the floors to collecting the blood samples of patients. The eminence of Robots has enhanced ever since and now the machine-man actually carries out a surgery. Robotic surgery is the process in which a robot actually carries out a surgical procedure under the control of its computer program. Although a surgeon certainly will be involved in the planning of the procedure to be performed and will also observe the implementation of that

plan, the execution of the plan will not be accomplished by them – but by the robot.

Robots in Tele-Surgery: In a method like this one an expert surgeon actually maneuvers the movements of the Robot from a distance. A robot, local to the patient, becomes the surgeon’s hands, while an intricate interface conveys the robot’s senses to the surgeon (making use of while an intricate interface conveys the robot’s senses to the surgeon (making use of visual, aural, force and tactile feedback).


Although Medical Robotics is a highly challenging field, still it is in its embryonic state. There are several methods and security measures that ensue to see the field bloom to its full potential. Inclusion of Robots in surgery specifically is a matter that has lot many ideas to be considered. These range from The development, and international adoption, of safety standards the aim of task-specific, as opposed to general-purpose, robots the education of the medical community in the acceptance and integration of Robots.

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