Wireless Data Broadcast Networks Project Abstract

Introduction to Wireless Data Broadcast Networks Project:

A new technique for dissemination of information has been found out and it is called the wireless data broadcast. What it looks forward to do is control the computational capabilities in any mobile device so that the scalability of the system can be enhanced. What this system helps to do is a continuous broadcast of data is done by the server and along with it certain indexing information are also interleaved within the data that will help with further processing of query. This will enable the clients to get connected to the broadcasting channel and process in their queries, which will be done locally and it will not require them to get connected with the server. 

The aim of this system is to achieve a continuous processing of spatial queries related to moving objects. It is achieved with the help of an air indexing framework that has been created in order to perform better than the existing techniques, when it comes to consumption of energy which will in turn have a low access to latency. Also it will more efficiently process the spatial queries in regard to moving objects that are being made continuously. 

In the recent times, mobile devices that are allocated with wireless communication abilities, storage facilities and computational systems have become increasingly popular. Also what is a blessed thing is that technology is always on improvement which is why, we now have the global positioning system, along with low priced GPS devices that are portable which makes it easy and accessible.

This technology would help any user in anew cityor any city. For example if a user wants to know about 10 restaurants near his locality, the device would be able to provide with the information. However there is a range within which only the device can provide information, it varies and it could be 200m or less or more than that even.

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