Online Technical Discussion Forum Project In PHP

Online technical discussion forum project is a PHP based web application which contains two users administrator and user. In this forum users and administrator will discuss on technical related questions related to programming languages like, java,, php..etc.

Online Technical Discussion Forum

Online Technical discussion Project Overview:

Main objective of this project is to develop a website based on forum where users can register with application and post questions related to programming and admin will check queries and approval and update answers and users who are visiting website can also update up date answers.

Advantages on this Project:

Our site can help the new comers about getting information about programming languages. It will also be useful for getting information about various technical questions. Users can satisfy their needs of getting information related to various programming languages from a single source. To make a form that give information about various technical questions. The questions are based on various programming languages. The various questions are like how to setup the languages, data types etc.

Modules Overview:

There are two main modules in this application admin module and user module. This application works on centralized database where user and admin will fetch data from database.

Admin Module: Adminwill have permission to accept user or delete user account and user questions and answers. After approval from admin posts are updated to forum. Admin will also answer queries from questions posted by user.

User Module: General User who visits website will post questions and answers for posts using this module. He will not have access to database. He can only modify or delete his own posts.

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  1. Hai, i am doing, computer science final year. I would like to do a web based application project using PHP. Can you suggest some topics using PHP??? Waiting for your reply….Thank you..

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