Electricity through Wireless Transmission ECE-CSIT Seminar Idea

The various technologies available so far for wireless transmission of electricity and the use of Wireless System of Energy Transmission are discussed. This Electricity through Wireless Transmission ECE-CSIT Seminar Idea concentrated on Tesla Theory, microwave power transmission (MPT) called Solar power satellite, and highly efficient fiber lasers for wireless power transmission.

 Especially the distribution and transmission losses are the main concern of this present power technology. This power is wasted during transmission from power plant generators to the consumer. The resistance of the wire causes a loss of 26-30% of the energy generated. This loss defines that system of electrical distribution is only 70-74% efficient. The transmission of power without wires can be best alternative for electricity transmission.

 The technologies available are wireless transmission techniques. Induction is an electric toothbrush’s base and handle contain coils which allow the battery to recharge. The electrical transformer has simple action and instance of wireless energy transfer. The primary circuit and secondary circuit of a transformer are not directly connected.

 The energy transfer takes place by electromagnetic coupling through a process known as mutual induction. An example of this principle is the battery charger of an electric toothbrush. However, the main drawback to induction is the short range. The receiver should be close to the transmitter or induction unit to inductively couple with it.

 Resonant inductive coupling has implications for solving the two problems associated with non-resonant inductive coupling and electromagnetic radiation. One is caused by the other; distance and efficiency. Electromagnetic induction has a principle of a primary coil generating a predominantly magnetic field and a secondary coil within the field and so a current is induced within its coils.


 The electrical energy can be economically transmitted without wires to any terrestrial distance. Wireless transmission have tremendous benefits like high transmission integrity and Low Loss (90–97% efficient) and can be transmitted in the globe and remove the need for an inefficient, costly, and capital intensive grid of cables, towers, and substations.

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