Wireless Power Meter Reading System Using Zigbee

AIM: The main aim of Wire Less Power Meter Reading System  Using Zigbee project is to design equipment for reading the power meter values. Here the equipment is a wireless device this can be done by using zigbee. 

Wireless Power Indication Using Embedded System project works on same aim.

DESCRIPTION: In this project we are mainly concerned about the power meter reading. The main concept behind this is the wireless power meter senses when there is more power consumption.

Here the voltage is constant. But the current keeps varying that is when the energy consumption is more it senses and ask us to shut down the equipment’s when more devices are kept on for a period of time. Here we are using a wireless power meter.

We are implementing this device to a micro controller. This can be used both for domestic as well as industrial purposes .An electric meter or energy meter is a device that measures the amount of electrical energy consumed by a residence, business, or an electrically-powered device. 

The main aim is that we have to monitor the energy consumption for a particular device or an appliance. It acts as a transmitter as well as a receiver.

Here the current sensor senses the current and it is is sent to the ADC and this is further given to the micro controller.

This is displayed on the LCD.Here through zigbee we are transferring the data serially. There is also a receiver which receives this information from zigbee and this is given to pc. Hence  wireless power meter reading is obtained using zigbee.

download  Wire Less Power Meter Reading System  Using Zigbee embedded system Project .

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