Wireless Health Monitoring System

Wireless health monitoring system embedded system project explains about developing a new wireless application which can monitor health condition. This system can be a very useful instrument in medical field.

This system will monitor hear rate for patients who are suffering from heart problems. In ICU every bed is connected with a sensor and that sensor will interact with the system on wireless network. A server system with a computer will be collecting all the heart rate information from all the beds(patients).

In the computer screen it will be displayed the heart rate with the patient ID. 

This application uses Zig Bee wireless network technology which is a non profit organization which will provide flexible and best electronic products.


Working principle:

The heart beat sensors will continuously acquire the heart beats from the patient. The interfacing of heart beat sensor and the micro controller can either be through uart port or through ADC.

The heart rate information then pass through the wireless network by using Zigbee transceivers. Each Zigbee node will be having each address and at the server side each patient can be identified easily. 

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The server will be receiving the heart rate information through Zigbee receiver(transceiver)  and the microcontroller will separate the data according the node address and send to the PC or LCD .

In the PC or LCD the patient ID and heart rate will be displayed.

download  Wireless Health Monitoring System Abstract.

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