Wireless Power Transmission and Reception Using SPS & Rectenna

Wireless Power Transmission and Reception Using SPS & Rectenna: The inexhaustible energy resource is a high priority to fulfill long term needs. The solar energy can be converted directly into electrical energy with the help of solar cells. We are helpless if power supply need arises for 24 hours. For this, there is a solution which is wireless power transmission from space through a system consisting of SPS (Solar Power Satellite) and RECTENNA (RECTIFYING ANTENNA) by Microwaves.

 The advantage of the space location is it is independent of day-night cycle and weather and also is pollution free. Today’s techniques allow us to have a platform carrying solar batteries which are nothing but generators. It converts electric current into the Electromagnetic field energy of ten centimeter range (microwaves) and antenna forming electromagnetic wave beam. Space solar power stations are costly due the great size of their receiving and radiating antennas.

 Antenna and Rectenna sizes are selected in order that the rectenna is located in the antenna’s Fresnel’s area. The SPS and rectenna system is an economically competitive large scale energy source when compared to other energy sources and appears to provide much less expensive energy source. The SPS and rectenna system has many advantages in terms of environmental issues

 The configuration of the spacetenna is a triangular prism with a length of 800 m and sides of 100 m. The Spacetenna is a square shaped with whose dimension 132 meters by 132 meters and is regularly filled with 1936 segments of sub array. The spacetenna contains pilot signal receiving antennas which are followed by detectors to find out the location of the rectenna on the earth, power transmission antenna elements and phase control systems. A Rectenna is considered as a base station for a geo-stationary satellite.


Synthesizing the wireless power transmission, the SPS is commercially viable to improve its efficiency and the cost. It is achieved by placing the Rectenna within the Fresnel area of the transmitter and placing the transmitting antenna in the LEO orbit.

Download Technical PPT Paper Presentation on Wireless Power Transmission and Reception Using SPS & Rectenna.

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