Red Tacton Technology Seminar Abstract

Introduction to Red Tacton Technology Seminar Topic:

The current existing device called as the red tacton is the Human area technology that probably related to the networking applications which make the use of the network body surface of the human to gain the high speed for the internet access. It is completely depended on the infrared and the wireless technology for the better communication purposes.

The transfer way is created in between the device and the surface of the human body and when it gets connected to the human surface a small amount of voltage current flows from the human surface body where a speed is gained to access the wireless internet faster.

The features of the red tacton are firstly the touch sensitivity here this device allows the user the facility of the multi touch where the user can access the device with more than one touch at a same duration of time. Second are the broadband and the internet service which allows the user to access the internet service which provides a minimum speed of 10 Mbps at a time. This also helps in communicating many people at the same time via internet video conferencing. Third is the Media which has the collection of the conductor materials that supports the human surface body too.

The applications of the Red tacton are the alarm which gives the siren which protects the accident that will be caused. So it plays the alarm as soon as the sensor detects the signals of the machine damage that will be caused. Gaining the Information through a single touch here while accessing the internet the user can get the information with a single quick touch. Printing the data, private networking, by connecting the network by using single laptops, Wireless handsets and data verification device. Are the other applications of the red tacton.

The safety system of the red tacton is no current supply in the human body from the redtaction application devices and the current that flows through the human body is in very small voltage.

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