Windows Services Simple Btech Seminar Idea

Windows Services Simple Btech Seminar Idea is used to define the background process for any windows based applications. In previous technology, applications windows service is called as NT services.

 Windows service is designed in following ways. They are Select Windows Service Template from the VS.Net IDE and specify the name for the windows service. Right click any where and click on add installer. These steps will define Service Process Installer and Service Installer. Service Process Installer specifies the Account type for the windows service. Account type is supported by the windows service and they are Local Service and Network Service.

Local System is like local service and has a capability to interact with the user desktop. Service Installer specifies the display name of the windows service to be displayed at the service registry service name of the windows service and also the start up type for the service. Now set the properties for the Service Process Installer and the Service Installer.

Now click on the service1.vb[design] tab then click on the “click here to switch to code view” link button then write the code as per the requirement on the relevant procedures. Click on build, build solution. To view the windows services registered on to the NT service registry, start, run, services.msc.

To start the service manually to do, right click on the windows service display name on to the registry and click on services, click on the logon tab and then check “allow service to interact with desktop” check box, click on apply and then OK buttons, right click on the display name and click on start to start the service and stop to halt the processing of the service.

To start the service, serviceControllerName.start([argValue(s)]) and to stop the service,


Hence windows service defines the background process for windows based applications which follows the above steps. The windows service application uses the codes described.

Download Windows Services Simple Btech Seminar Idea.

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