Mechanical Properties of Foods Btech Seminar

This Mechanical Properties of Foods Btech Seminar deals with the concept ofdeformation of food and explains how force causes these deformations on food items and commodities, with several examples and calculations.

The Seminar first explains that force causes acceleration to a commodity and occurs due to  phenomena such as gravity, magnetism, or anything else that causes a mass to accelerate. It describes Deformation as a change in shape due to an applied forcewhich when  considered can measure the “firmness” of a commodity.  The stress and strain experienced by a body is represented in the form of graphs such as Bioyield point (BYP)  Microstructure vs. Macrostructure and it also calculates the linearity in steel,rubber and corn.The different forms of deformations are also discussed such as Length deformation, Compression, Tensile / stretch, Shear and Bulk compression.

The shear forces acting on bodies are determined using modulus of elasticity, elastic ity elements,shear modulus, buls modulus,poisson’s ratio and viscosity etc.The shear forces deforming different bodies are also explained.And these calculations and study help in determining how force causes deformations in food items.


Thus the project on mechanical properties in food explains the causes and methods of deformation of food items under force and the experiments conducted in this project helps the food corporation in studying the logitivity of food items based on such criterias.

Download Mechanical Properties of Foods B Tech/ BE Final Project Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT.

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