WiMAX Technology For a Wire-Free World IT Seminar Topic

The problem with broadband access is that it is pretty expensive and cannot reach all areas and the problem with WiFi access is hot spots are very small so coverage is sparse. The high speed of broadband service would be less expensive than cable or DSL and easy to extend to rural and suburban areas.

 The broad coverage such as cell phone network, WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is the most promising wide-area wireless broadband technology in a short period of time. Since it covers long distances, WiMAX has the ability to serve everything from low-density residential applications to enterprise customers.

 In this WiMAX Technology For a Wire-Free World IT Seminar Topic we will discuss about the WiMAX technology and other technologies competing with it and also the growth of this technology in India. The WiMAX technology provides a wireless connectivity efficiently and solution to create wireless WAN which is meant to provide high-speed Internet. This is the real advantage of WiMAX.

 The basic concept of WiMAX is that it uses high transmit power and focused signals, using directional antennas. The base standard operates in the 10 GHz to 60 GHz range. Hence the risk is very limited. The base standard is fixed wireless access for point-to-multipoint (PMP) connections. It means that a single WiMAX base station is able to connect either an ISP or a public telephone network situated over a distance of 50 km. WiMAX also supports mesh mode networking where subscriber stations communicate directly with each other. It reduces the use of line of sight (LOS) as well as deployment costs. The other technologies competing with WIMAX are Wi-Fi, Blue tooth, and Zigbee.


 In the near future, we expect to have wireless systems such as 3G, Wi-Fi and WiMAX, combined together with the higher-layer standards like IMS (IP Multimedia System). Integrating those technologies allow a wide range of devices to move transparently over the network.

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