Wi-Max PPT Presentation

It is the broadband service that is wireless. They work like cellular companies providing network via large towers over the longer distances. They create towers ad place at different locations using standard antennas. We just need to get connect to the hot spot via laptop or mobile. It works also on mobile, means you can roam anywhere you want and have high speed connectivity. This will be the best in the rural area where cable can’t reach.

It is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard. It is developed in April 2002. They work on the frequency range between 2-11 GHz. It is the best for the mobile user who want mobile internet anywhere any time and that too such fast network. It has overcome all the limitations of the broadband. They are simple plug and play just like DSL modem. It has also boost the service of the mobile operators, now they have added more features to their network.  

Wi-max uses mac, it means we need to take permission before we could connect to the network. It also has the feature of data encryption means data are send in the encrypted from the server and again decrypted at the client side. It uses IP address to connect to the user.

For connecting such network we need to have PC cards in our laptops or computers. It used spectrum both of licensed and unlicensed for the signal transmission. Few big companies have licensed spectrum and few don’t have. They work on 2-11GHz bands. It is both licensed and unlicensed. This is not completely developed yet. It includes modulation that is single carrier. They MAN-OFDM that is the multiplexing technique, it can multiplex 256 point at a time. Another is MAN-OFDMA that is also similar to it but it transforms 2048 points.

Download  Wi-Max PPT Presentation.

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