Paper Presentation on Wi Max Technology

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Wi Max Technology:

It is the wireless network that works on microwave access. It is based on the 802.16 standard. It is the wireless broadband connection that is alternative to the wired broadband connection and DSL. It has overcomes the limitations of cables.  They are the high speed connection at low prices for the customers.  It works on the frequency range between 2-11 GHz.  Now you can experience high speed on your mobile devices where ever you go.

It consists of different base stations that are developed in the different area. They work just like cellular network. It has the feature of multiple connections. You need to subscribe to the network provider and need to tell him what kind of service you want. There are two kinds fixed and mobile. These networks are OFDMA based and they provide the speed of 100 Mbps. Today’s mobiles devices only support GSM/EDGE and HSPA and EV-DO and 4G are not supportable till is being deployed by the network providers.

Advantages:they are best alternative for the wired DSL.  They have large network area may be of some KM and they high secured and the rate of interference is very less. You can connect to the Wi-Fi hot spots and even other networks. They are high speed connection like 4G. You can use them on your mobiles.

But this technology is being deployed very slowly by the mobiles operators and they require complex software for that. In future it will overlap the technology like UMTS and CDMA. They need to have licensed spectrum like 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz of frequency. They are very less available.  This technology will help the rural areas where broadband with wires can’t reach or in metro where there is too traffic. 

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