Content Centric Network Latest Technical Seminar Topic Computer Science 2012

Introduction to Content Centric Network Technical Seminar Topic:

This is the new approach that is fast, secure and has nice performance. This allows us to migrate the data to flow automatically from one location to another location when we are moving like mobile devices. They use practical approach to store the data at every level and help in decreasing the traffic and therefore response from the user is increased. Whenever we ask for the data it ask from the network and if the data is present in the cache memory then saving is achieved.

This communication is formed from the request of the users. Two types of CCN packets are used: interest and data. When the user ask for the data by giving its interest to an available connectivity then only data is send in response to the interest.  Both interest and data can be identified by their content or name.

Features:  they have security with the data over the user who asks for the data. All the data are verified at every node of the network. They carry both static and dynamic content between the users. They work like distributes systems, so they are universal in nature. Data is exchanged very fast.

Applications: we can make voice calls using CCN. They are used on audio and video streaming over the internet or HTTP streaming. They use high bandwidth connection as videos can’t be cached. They are used for online gaming. Large numbers of players can play together with high rate of data transfer. They can be used for file virtualization. An object file can be shared between the different vendors.

CCN networks are secure and they have very less congestion. Data is delivered easily and are reliable. But they are costly at the beginning. They can be used in the future for the tele-education purpose.

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