Cloud Computing Engineering Seminar Topic

The Cloud Computing Engineering Seminar Topic Introduces Cloud computing, as the need of hour is a robust technology that has the capacity of integrating the global IT infrastructure and supporting billions of users over the surface of planet. As depicted by the literal ‘cloud’ the enormousity of such infrastructure is self-explanatory. Cloud infrastructure is built around the internet or private intranets including datacenters, high computing machines/server with help of a software abstraction layer that integrates huge hardware at distance

 The advantage of adopting Cloud-computing as a technology is of high value to end user as he need not get into hassles of procuring huge infrastructure on the fly. Also the synergic effect of integrating large set of machines and making them dynamic and ever expanding. Cloud-OS such as Microsoft Azure has practically made it possible to run applications under this Cloud, providing it as a service to extremely large group of people. The day is not far when we will see conventional applications residing over this cloud and available as a service to the user.

Cloud based solutions are going to be next big thing in the industry, and it will definitely impact the current software frameworks and development life cycles. With the fresh set of challenges and difficulties, we need to have completely different approaches for testing the new gamut of softwares. Two promising strategies, “Behavior simulation” and “Synthetic virtualization test environment”, discussed here will help us in addressing the unique requirements of testing in Cloud Scenarios. For us, as a global leader in testing industry, it is time to gear up for the new trends in quality assurance and a whole new world to explore and conquer.

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