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What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a service that helps you to perform the tasks over the Internet. The users can access resources as they need them.

The term “ Cloud” refers the internet.

Cloud computing consists of hardware and software available on the internet managed by third party services
The authorized user can reach the cloud for resources when they need it.
The users can manage their data in cloud by storing it in various devices.
It is one of the best way to run business.
The data stored in the cloud are accessed by the authenticated users via passwords or tokens
The users just ‘Plug in’ and access the resources.
The company or the individuals are paying for not using the system but now they can pay only for the computing power and services they use.
The online storage is safe and secured.
You just need the personal computer with internet connection.
You need to have access to the cloud services to make use of it.
Put whatever you want inside the cloud or make use of servers, software’s, etc., you need.
Disconnect it once you have done and release it back to the cloud.
Pay for the server utilized, processing  power used and bandwidth consumed.

Best Example for Cloud Computing

Electricity Bill
 Turn on your lights and meter starts running. Once it is switched off, meter stops.
You will pay only for the power utilized.

The same concept applies in the Cloud Computing.

“ Pay for what you use”

Types of cloud

Public Cloud- The cloud is available to all the users to utilize the resources. E.g., Google AppEngine, etc.
Private Cloud- The cloud will be available with in the organization, not visible to external users.
Hybrid Cloud- Combination of both Public (External) and Private( Internal) Cloud

Levels of Cloud Computing

There are three levels of Cloud Computing and are as follows:

Applications in the Cloud

Platforms in the Cloud
Infrastructure in the Cloud

Applications in the Cloud

The applications hosted in the Internet are offered as a service
The user can sign up for and use without any concern about the computing power and storage capacity
Multi- users can access applications at the same time
No installation or Upgrades required
E.g., Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Wikipedia.etc.,

Platforms in the Cloud

The platforms are offered as a service in Cloud
Develop your own code through web browser and upload it into the cloud to deploy it.
The code will magically run somewhere in the cloud without any server, Operating System or even without databases
If the code grows, the cloud automatically scales up and down, to match the demand.
No infrastructure cost and can deploy the application instantly

Infrastructure in the Cloud

The Hardware and Data centers are offered as a services in the Cloud.
With Cloud Computing, No need to spend time and costs to set up the Infrastructure.
You can own your own Virtual data center for storage by keeping costs to a minimum.
No physical location of the resources, no maintenance cost and no operating cost.


It is highly reliable, stable and easy to use
It reduces the capital costs and operation costs for the company.
It increases the Productivity and improves Compliance.
Finally, it reduces the overall cost and helps you to keep the upfront costs to a minimum.
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