Advanced Trend in 4G Communication Seminar Topic

     4G-Communication-Seminar-Topic. 4G wireless technology seminar topic explains about overview of 4G, 4G architecture, advantages of 4G technology and its application in present trend.

Mobile wireless technologies like 2G,3G had proved the improvements of  communication technologies in present trend with this rapid booming speed scientists are working on developing new hardware and software applications for advanced mobile wireless communication (4G). 4G technology is implemented with advanced features which include speed of data rate.

                                     4G technology provides Mobile multimedia, Global wireless support, Integrated wireless solution and many other personal services. 4G is used as broad band wireless communication away from cellular telephone systems. This technology can support as fixed wireless networks with next generation wireless  features.

      4G technologies is included with 2G and 3G features along with digital broad casting systems and IP based services. 4G technologies can access various networks which work on IP as common protocol in this technology users are in control to choose any application and environment of their interest. Data transmission rates in 4G are 20 megabits per second.

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