Seminar Topic on Phishing Mail

Seminar-Topic-On-Phishing-Mails.Phishing is one of the big problems that internet is facing today, so this could be a best topic for giving seminar. Basic definition for phishing is a fraud mail which is used to gather secure information like bank details, credit card information,username and password of a user. Already Google,yahoo and other mails are fighting to solve Phishing problem.  

Now a days every one know about these phishing mails. These mails basically contains information like winning jackpot or winning draw. They will request users details like credit card number,bank account details and more. If user is attracted to that mail and send requested details to that account they will hack your accounts.  There are many cases around the world who had faced these type of problems.

As there is a problem there will be a solution similarly in order to solve phishing problem there are anti-phishing techniques to protect from phishing fraud. Work is going on to implement solution for phishing but available technology cannot stop phishing completely. In present situation there is lot of scope for developing applications which can solve this problem by using existing technology. This seminar will give provide a idea for developing anti-phishing software which can totally eradicate phishing problems. Basic idea of this application is to track suspicious websites on regular basis and monitoring there sites information and generate reports and analyze them.

This anti-phishing application helps to detect and prevent phishing scams, This seminar topic also explains on how to deal with those mails.

download Project Report and paper presentation of  CSE Seminar Topic On Phishing Mails.

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