Weapon Technology & Global Positioning System (GPS) Final Year Project

GPS retransmission systems Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is widely used in various fields like military further navigation. Soldiers employ GPS to increase alertness in the situation of the battle field with technology like Land Warrior. Applications of GPS are used for accurate aerial resupply by the Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) to support medical supplies, ammunition, or food on the land.

 The Weapon Technology & Global Positioning System (GPS) Final Year Mechanical Project of GPS allows advantages to detect that offer present location and level of high value benefits like nuclear weapons, VIPs, etc. It is utilized in training applications to locate the participating benefit, numbering the exercise and allow instructive question.

GPS offers to track the location data to smart weapons redistribute from aircraft to enhance the speed and lethality of weapons. Few instances are precision aerial resupply (JPADS), military free fall (MFF), ground vehicle patrols (DAGR, Land Warrior), and air and ground assault.  The systems are used on platforms like HMMWV, CH-47, Bradley, C-130, Stryker, C-17, MH-60 etc.

The system provides price efficient solution to the issues of GPS fromairways weapons bays, under-wing munitions pylons,  or artillery and mortar tubes. The system offers two navigational services. They are the military Precise Positioning Service (PPS) and the civilian Standard Positioning Service (SPS). PPS is present with speed of 17.8 m horizontal and 27.7 m vertical. The components of GPS are active antenna, interconnecting coaxial cable, retransmission amplifier/signal conditioner, and passive retransmission antenna.


The Weapon Technology & Global Positioning System (GPS) Project is about the GPS with the important concept behind the system is straightforward with complex implementation. The carriers are changed in phase with Pseudo-Random Noise (PRN) codes.

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