GPS and Weapon Technology Mechanical Seminar Topic

The GPS AND WEAPON Technology Mechanical Seminar Topic is about the Global Positioning System (GPS) which is a satellite depending on the navigation system to provide ability of traveling.  In the beginning, it was designed for the military purpose and civilian are allowed to use some parts of GPS.

GPS provides many features and it is created effectively for the purposes of aircraft navigation. The civilian users get accuracy of 100 m in three dimensions. The GPS signal is present 24 hours every day in the world wide and in every season. It prevents unintentional and intentional (jamming) interference.

The equipment should get and process the signals of GPS which is reliable and affordable without atomic clocks or antenna arrays. The system is passive for the user of GPS that needs a receiver without the need of transmission.

The GPS was launched after Russian Satellite Sputnik. The Scientists realized that satellite positioned can be pinpointed with the Doppler shift of radio signals in a single pass. Frank McClure suggested that location of satellite could be predicted and the Doppler shift could position the receiver on Earth and navigation is done by satellite. 

GPS concludes the user location by triangulation. Based on the satellite location and the distance, set of satellites could decide the accurate receiver position. The GPS fundamental means decide the distance and distance can be computed time based on exact time standards and different timings.


The GPS AND WEAPON Technology Mechanical Seminar Topic concludes that the GPS system demonstrates method of satellite ranging.  The satellite sends the time signal. The receiver is constant with exact clock synchronized to GPS time.

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