Virtual Learning Environment Java Project


Virtual learning environment is a project which is developed to provide support in the  academic administration, teaching and research using the internet, particularly in the world wide web. Visual  learning is a  form of e-learning that allows the interaction between teachers and students. This project provides various kinds of activities to students by introducing tutors and learners.

This project allows students to get information of the courses in a very easy and quick way. This project also maintains good interaction between parents and teachers. This project allows the potential for new ways of learning and teaching such as active and independent learning which make use of online communication, online assessment and collaborative learning such independent learning still needs to be guided and supported.



Admin gets login with valid username and password. Admin will upload all the details in the application like course details, syllabus details, fee details, parents and students queries ,professor details and payment details.


Students should register and can login by entering a valid username and password. Student can view all the college information details, fee details, course details and can post queries and feedback.


Professor gets login with valid username and password. Professor can view all the details of the students and their queries. Professor can give reply to the students queries.

Software Requirements:

  • Language : Java
  • Web technologies : JEE (Servlets/JSP)
  • Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap
  • Database : MYSQL
  • Scripting : JavaScript
  • Browser : IE 6.0/ Mozilla
  • Operating System : Windows/Linux


Our project visual learning environment has been successful in making a good interaction between parents and teachers.

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