Test Analyst Java Project Abstract

Test Analyst project mainly deals with the ultimate online examination and  E-learning solution for MNC companies, academic institutions, training centers, human resources departments, and anyone who needs to create and process their own tests. 

It is an excellent test management, which offers a complete solution for   Computer Based Test (CBT).

 We can generate our own unique tests in any area and Administer the tests. It keeps all the records of conducted Exams, score reports, and other info. 

This application is useful for students who are willing to take online examinations by paying a huge amount of money like GRE …etc.

So before taking these tests, students can practice sample tests which we provide in this application. In Test Analyst project we provide different types of examination methods for different students categories.

Environment: Java, Net Beans6.0, Apache Tomcat Server6.0.

Test Analyst Java Project Reference seminar report and project report.


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